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About Us : Philosophy & Values

Our objective is to work together with clients at all levels to identify and develop solutions that meet the clients at their level so that they are able to take ownership and responsibility for the solutions. In the case of the FTH system this translates to mean that the communities must be able to operate, maintain and repair their systems. The technologies used must be “appropriate” to the skills and capacities available in the communities.

We believe in being available and accessible to our clients. In the case of the FTH system this translates into being available to community operators as well as individual homeowners to assist them in diagnosing problems and suggesting solutions. Our Operation and Maintenance manuals as well as this website extend that invitation.

We believe that economical and sustainable sanitation systems in rural communities should also be environmentally responsible. In the case of FTH system this translates into minimum demands on the physical environment consistent with providing a reasonable level of sanitary service to the homeowner. See the section FTH and the Environment for more details on our claim that the FTH system is a “green” technology.



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