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Fresh water is collected from a watering point and delivered to the home by a water haul tank and “pumped” into the in-house holding tank using a small air blower which pressurizes the water haul tank to 5 or 6 psi.

Each house or building is supplied with an inside fresh water storage tank. The tank has a hinged lid to allow the homeowner to “self-haul” if they choose.

Inside the home the water is delivered around the house through normal water pipes by a pressure system consisting of a small pump, filter and pressure tank. This system provides water to the various plumbing fixtures connected, including toilet, hand basin, bath/shower and kitchen sink.

Water piping is frequently surface mounted for simplicity and to provide easy access for repairs in case of a freeze-up. “Low point” drains in the water system allow for easy “winterization” in case the home is left unheated for a time.

Water from the piped systems may be used for drinking provided a reliable source is used and provided the water is transported hygienically and the tank cleaned regularly.

Water Pressure System

Water Haul Trailer

Filling Water System

Pouring Water


The sanitation system consists of the sewer piping and venting system that collects the wastewater from the various plumbing fixtures including the toilet and delivers the sewage to a specially designed sewage holding tank located outside the home.

When the holding tank is full, the sewage is evacuated into the sewage haul tank using the sewage vacuum blower which puts a vacuum on the haul tank to draw the sewage into the haul tank.

The sewage is then transported to a disposal site such as a sewage lagoon or community septic tank.

Sewage Haul Trailer


Empting Doghouse

Dumping Sewage Haul Trailer


We use either the Inax toilet or the Sealand Traveler toilet. Both are ceramic, highly efficient “pint flush” toilets with extremely low water consumption.

Sealand Traveler Toilet
Inax Toilet
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Click for larger viewGRAVITY or

Homes that are high enough above ground level use a gravity system. The sewage flows from the toilet through the sewage discharge pipe into the sewage holding tank by gravity.

Homes that are built low to the ground use the Transfer Tank System. Sewage is first collected in a small, shallow, transfer tank under the toilet. When this small tank is full the sewage is transferred to the outside holding tank through the sewage discharge pipe by “suction”. This suction is created by a vacuum blower which draws air Click for larger viewfrom the holding tank, thereby creating a vacuum on the sewage holding tank and drawing the sewage from the transfer tank into the holding tank. This whole process takes only a few seconds to complete.






The Cowater Sewage Holding Tank is a sewage tank set in a super-insulated plywood box and connected to the sanitation system by the sewage discharge pipe. The tank is fitted with a float switch and a very small (usually 30 watts) heat tape to provide a small amount of heat to the tank in winter. The control panel inside the home indicates when the outside tank is full and needs to be emptied.

Emptying Doghouse

The sewage holding tank can either be set on foundation timbers alongside the house, or it can be placed under the building and suspended.

Gravity System

The sewage holding tank, like all other Cowater components of the FTH system are fabricated to Cowater’s designs and specifications.



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