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About Us : Environmental Issues - Thinking Green

Small Is Beautiful...

The Flush Tank and Haul System has been developed consistent with the our philosophy: to be environmentally friendly while keeping operating and maintenance costs as low and simple as possible. In our world this is Thinking Green.

Examples include:

No Digging - Low Cost.
The FTH system is installed totally above ground. We do not dig into the ground or bury components in the ground. Therefore the total cost as well as the impact on the environment is only a small fraction of the cost and impact of piped systems.

Uses Less Water.
By using the “pint flush” toilet as well as other water-conserving strategies, the fresh water used and the wastewater generated are low compared to a piped system. This also means that the water supply and treatment systems as well as the sewage disposal facilities can also be smaller thereby reducing overall costs and environmental impact.

Uses Less Energy.
All exterior components are super-insulated so that only very small heat traces are required to prevent freezing. There is no circulating water system. Inside the home the system uses small mechanical and electrical components such as the small water pump and the “at-point” hot water heaters. The small vehicle haul system is also very energy efficient so the fuel and electricity requirements are very low.

No pollution or spillage.
The FTH system is a completely closed system and when operated properly does not produce any spillage whatsoever along boardwalks and roads in the village

 " The aim should
be to obtain the maximum
well-being with the
of consumption  

Small Is Beautiful,
E.F. Schumacher

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