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Project Management

Depending on the project, we supplement Cowater Alaska’s staff and expertise by drawing on expertise from Cowater International and from other consulting companies here in Alaska.  The objective always is to provide the best possible expertise for the particular project to ensure a good and sustainable solution.  The renovation of the Napakiak Washeteria was a good example of this.  The old washeteria was very wasteful of energy consumption as Pipe Insulation & Washertierwell as economic utilization.  By remodeling the building to reduce energy consumption and by reallocating the space to provide rental income to supplement the laundry operation, the washeteria is an economically viable enterprise today.

Construction Management

Cowater Alaska Inc. manages on-site construction operations on its projects.  This includes force account management on large Village Safe Water projects as well as fixed price and design-supply-install contracts on its Flush Tank and Haul projects.  We have a cadre of experienced field project supervisors who supervise and manage the local labor on the jobs as well as engineering and office personnel experienced in managing the logistics of planning, purchasing, shipping, and record keeping for clients.  Managing construction operations in Alaskan remote villages presents special challenges. Cowater Alaska has met those challenges successfully on many projects.



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