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Projects Around Alaska : Allakaket

~ Allakaket

Village Name

Allakaket, Alaska


Village Description

Allakaket is an Athabascan Indian native community of approximately 100 people. It is located just a few miles south of the Arctic Circle on the east bank of the Koyukuk River, north and west from Fairbanks.


Systems Installed

In 1994 Cowater installed a Flush Tank and Haul system in the Health Clinic. It  consists of a full bathroom with shower, lavatories in three exam rooms and guest room as well as janitor’s sink. Since Allakaket has hard roads and the use of pickup trucks, the fresh water storage tank and the sewage holding tanks are the large version (220 gallon water tank and 280 gallon sewage holding tank). The haul tanks are designed for two services per trip. Therefore these are quite large tanks mounted on tandem trailers – 400 gallon water haul tank and 600 gallon sewage haul tank. As noted, these tankers are pulled by a pickup truck and are designed to service two units per trip.

This unit was built as a demonstration unit with the intention of servicing homes in due course if they liked the system. The unit has frozen up twice when heat went out in the building, however, local staff were able to repair it and put it back in service. Water is taken from the village watering point and the sewage is dumped into the wastewater lagoon.




Haul Tanks
Bottom Bubbles

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