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Cowater Alaska Inc. was incorporated as an Alaskan company in 1992. The purpose was to pursue the development of an innovative system to help small Alaskan villages get rid of the honeybucket and improve sanitation conditions in their villages. Cowater has worked in Alaska since 1989 developing the concepts for the Flush Tank and Haul System.

Cowater Alaska Inc. is a subsidiary of Cowater International Inc., a management consulting company working in the field of development in third world countries. Since its founding in 1985, Cowater has worked on low-cost water and sanitation problems in third world countries. Therefore, Cowater welcomes the challenge of developing economical and sustainable sanitation systems for rural Alaska’s villages.

Flush Tank and Haul System

In thousands of rural Alaskan homes today, people carry water to their houses in buckets and wastewater out in “honeybuckets”. Cowater’s Flush Tank and Haul system is designed around the special needs and conditions in rural villages, many of which are very small with little cash income and very little basic infrastructure.

Larger ViewCowater’s FTH system was developed through years of testing and with much “trial and error” to get the bugs out while working closely with individual communities. The system is now fully developed and allows communities to have access to a completely  sanitary system that provides running water, flush toilets and waste disposal that is sustainable in these small economically disadvantaged and remote communities. The system is far less expensive and intrusive than an underground piped water system. All maintenance can be done at the village level because it is designed using “appropriate technology” for communities with subsistence based economies.

Larger ViewThe FTH system has now been installed in over 800 homes and businesses in some fifteen communities in Alaska, Cowater follows up to see that every system installed is working and serving its owner. Several villages (Nunapitchuk, Mekoryuk, Napaskiak, Nightmute and Napakiak) are completely serviced with FTH system and three of these have over 100 installations working. The FTH system is proprietary and belongs to Cowater. We have patents, copyrights and trademarks on the system components, installation and operation systems.

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Cowater Alaska, Inc. • 2150 E. Dowling Road, Suite C, Anchorage, Alaska 99507 • Toll Free 888.622.5511 • Anchorage 907.522.5511 • E-mail: info@cowateralaska.com
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